Tractor of the year 2024

Winners again for McCormick with Best Utility tractor of the year 2024

The McCormick X5 tractor range is now available with a new P3-Drive transmission, a combination which earned Tractor of the Year 2024 in the Best Utility category. Developed in-house by parent business Argo Tractors, P3-Drive brings the technology, reliability and automation of the established P6-Drive transmission for larger McCormick tractors down to the utility category.

The new transmission provides 36 forward and 12 reverse speeds, rising to 48F/16R when the additional creep speeds are specified. This is achieved via a combination of three powershift steps and four robotised gears in each range, providing 12 automatically controlled ratios. Control is via the SmartPilot joystick, with an Auto PowerShift (APS) function that automatically engages the gear as speed increases in both field operations (AutoField) and road travel (AutoRoad). A brake-to-clutch feature enables right foot-only stopping and holding of the tractor at junctions and during loader work.

This tractor won Best Utility Tractor of the Year 2024, and will be showcased alongside its larger stablemate, the X6.4 P6 Drive range which also won the same accolade in 2023 – further proof of McCormick’s drive to lead in these important sales segments.